Welcome to Antidote, your best shot at premium cold-pressed juices.

At Antidote, we understand the innumerable importance attached to cold-pressed juices. Apart from its potency in providing a calming effect upon consumption, it also aids in cleansing harmful diseases from the body. Hence, a periodic intake of properly made cold-pressed juices is the best way to leading a healthier life. As a cold-pressed juice provider, Antidote is passionate about providing our customers with an all-natural, vibrant quality of juice that is bottled and processed with care. Our juices retain their maximum nutrients and vitamins, allowing you to enjoy the concentration of live enzymes from carefully selected organic fruits and vegetables.

Antidote is committed to providing our customers with the freedom of choice. We are the only cold-pressed juicery in the Lower Mainland that provides a “Build Your Own” service. Our motto, “Tailored To You,” allows our customers to get creative and decide what they want in their juices. All you have to do is select the fruits and vegetables of your choice, and we will cold-press them into a 500ml juice bottle. You can check out your options in the “Tailored To You” section and leave us with the pressing and delivery. We encourage you to experiment with this unique service and create a blend of juices, made just for you. We also have 5 different pre-selected juices for our customers, so you can try out our favorite blends. Menu items will change depending on customers’ preferences and seasonal availability, so check back often!

The passion in creating Antidote was driven by the importance of wanting to improve the lives of the people around us. The right choices of fruits and vegetables will do wonders to the health of every human being. Wonder why we are such firm believers in the benefits of cold-pressed juices? Well, I once helped improve the deteriorating health of my father who was put on a very strict diet by his doctor, by giving him a variety of carefully selected cold-pressed juices. Within a year, he recovered far better and quicker than his doctors projected. Having said this, it is important to understand that the benefits of fruits and vegetables extracted into juice should not qualify as a meal substitution. Instead, it should work in conjunction with better diet and exercise. In the hustle and bustle of the city, people tend to overlook the importance of nourishing their bodies, and that is where cold-pressed juices come in. They are best used as an enhancer to kick-start each day, and it is good for individuals on strict diet plans.

Our ingredients are locally sourced and the final juice product is raw and unpasteurized with nothing else added. In other words, we do not process our juices through an HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) process in order to guarantee 100% fresh and all-natural nutrients inside. Oh, and let’s not forget that it’s also 100% good for you!